The Orchestra


This is the Swingharmonic Orchestra; a fifteen man band with the aim of getting your feet to move!


With a repertoar containing some of the very best from the swing era, and with a line up containing some of Swedens foremost musicians of today, the Swingharmonic Orchestra will bring lot’s of joy to the dance floor. 


The band was formed in Stockholm in late 2014 by guitarist Anton Ottosson and pianist Gunnar Åkerhielm, and is currently lead by the latter.


The line up is presented below. Frequent locum tenens are written in slanted text. 



Fredrik Oscarsson

Jonne Bentlöv / Erik Tengholm

Erik Palmberg



Magnus Wiklund

Johan Åström / Hampus Adami

Martin Pålsson    



Amanda Sedgwick              

Johan Christoffersson / Anders Sjögren    

Klas Toresson / Fredrik Lindborg

Kristian Brink / Linus Lindblom

Emma Josefsson



Gunnar Åkerhielm - piano

Anton Ottosson / Martin Widlund  - guitar

Vilhelm Bromander / Clas Lassbo - bass

Wille Alin / Mattias Puttonen -drums